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Foamola is the only anti-rock band named after an herbal arthritis remedy. All our music is original, with tunes by Lawrence Fishberg (keyboard, vocals) and lyrics by Sparrow (ocarina, items found in the trash, vocals), with occasional words from Violet Snow (flute, vocals). Sylvia Mae Gorelick (xylophone, vocals), now 22, has been a band member since her months in the womb. Guest artists often join us onstage.

We played our first gig on New Year’s Day of 1991, when we were a hit at the St. Mark’s Poetry Project Marathon.

For the next six years, we played monthly at poetry readings around New York City. In 1997, we performed "Balzac Prozac” at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall for an audience of 400 advertising toughs at “The One Show” awards for creativity in advertising.

Gigs these days are intermittent but memorable, as we continue to explore both the sub-basement and the rooftop penthouse of the real-estate-battered American psyche with new songs such as “Flip Me Over", "You Can't Hear the Ellipsis in This Song", and “Song for Humans”.

MUSIC: Listen to our 2010 album, You Don't Know If I Used a Thesaurus by clicking on song titles below-- 

Recorded in May 2010:

Pacific                I Was Nomadic Till I Met You

King Tut             Hey Ocarina  

You Can't Hear the Ellipsis in This Song

I Love You More Than I Hate Myself


Earlier Foamola hits:

Heroin           Waiting for the Cat Food to Come          Weather Report  


I've Been Reincarnated Too Many Times      Balzac Prozac     

John Quincy Adams      

Still earlier classics:

When I Go to the Zoo, I Think of You           Shampoo               

May I Take a Bath?

Do the Zuckyduppawoppalator    Your Daddy Won't Pass the Bar   

Spit on the Dishes

They Break Windows, Don't They?      No Radio in Car      

Man with the Golden Nose


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VIDEO: “It’s Easy to Mend a Shirt” and “I Was Nomadic Till I Met You” at the 34th St. Mark’s Poetry Project Marathon, 1/1/08 (with Anna Dresdale and Gabriel Dresdale).

REVIEW: by Robert Christgau, from The Village Voice, 1992